Technical Workshops for Engineering/Mtech Students in core areas .

CITL-Tech Varsity offers training modules which focuses to train in the segment of high end engineering training and technical skill development catering to both industry and academia. The unique training methodology which will give more thrust on theoretical classes and practical sessions covering wide range of real time projects.our projects include working on development platforms like ARM,CORTEX,RASPBERRY PI ,TI DSP processors,Beagle boards,Cortex controllers , Microchip dsPIC family of digital signal controllers (DSCs),Ardunio,FPGA, LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT robotics invention system to create and control robots using programmable motors and sensors  etc..

We have consultants having decades of rich experience in the domain, hardware and tools. Our training  focus to cater basic, advanced courses and customized courses specific to organization or individual needs in Digital Signal Processing (DSP), TI DSP Processor TMS320C6416, Digital Image Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing, Medical Image Processing, Matlab(R), Simulink(R)

Technical Workshops for Engineering/Mtech Students in core areas

  • Programming with Embedded C / C++
  • Embedded C Programming & Data Structure
  • FPGA design with Verilog
  • Verilog & Verification
  • Embedded Microcontroller based
  •  Microcontroller programming with ARM / TI MSP430
  •  ARM 9|11 & ARM CORTEX M4 with TI TIVA BOARD  Real Time Operating System
  • Linux Kernal programming - Device driver
  • Embedded Linux porting with Raspberry Pi/Beagle bone black
  • Android based application development
  • Image processing with MATLAB & SIMULINK

Training /workshops on Matlab,Similink and Hardware for project based learning.

  • MATLAB® programming and fundamentals for beginners.
  • Digital Signal Processing with MATLAB®
  • Image Processing with MATLAb
  • Programming_with_DSP_Processors_TMS320C6713_TMS320C6416_CCS
  • Hardware for project based learning.

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CITL-Techvarsity conducts workshops on embedded systems,JAVA,ANDROID,MATLAB,NS3 for branches like computer science,ECE,EEE,Instrumentation,Information science etc..suitable for college students to get stated with industry standard projects. We can diliver either in the college premises or at our centre and these workshops will certainly benefit the students to build industry exposure.

CITL-techvarsity in Bangalore has been offering hands practical, application oriented workshops,trainings,projects and internships.our programs include workshops on gesture based robotics,Mobile robotics,Quadcopter,Andriod application controlled Robotics,Autonomous&self guided robots,GPS based Robots,Image processing based robots.

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