Robotics Programming And Design


Course Description:

Robotics programming workshop especially designed by CITL-Tech Varsity for robotics enthusiasts, hobbyists,engineering students of all disciplines from diploma Institutes to Engineering Colleges.They will be introduced to the fundamentals of robotics and will learn to apply them in real life. You will develop a disciplined engineering approach to and sound practical skills in the specification, design and implementation of software for embedded Robotics. You will gain specialist knowledge in processors, Robotics, mechatronics, research methods.

The students will learn basics concepts and will gain the practical experience while working on a robotics kit specially designed and developed by CITL Using various models of robots like PICK and PLACE ROBOT,LINE FOLLOWER ROBOTS,MARS ROVER,DO-IT YOUR SELF KITS students will gain expertise in building the robots both mechanical and microcontroller based interfaces.

  • What you will learn:
    • Advanced aspects of the C programming language
    • Robot Mechanism
  • Different types of robot (Mobile controlled Robot , Sound detector Robot, Distance measuring Robot.
  • Touch sensing Robot , Obstacle detecting robot , Micro-mouse , Swarm Robot and many more ….)
  • Robot Movements

The topics covered under this course are.

  • Microcontrollers you have option choose any one(8051/AVR/PIC series/ARM)
  • Hardware design, interfaces like serial,wireless,bluetooth,IR etc..
  • Programming skills in C,Embedded C,
  • Stepper motors,dc motors, Engines, Pneumatics ,intelligent sensors, Switches , Limit Switches , Relays .
  • Building and developing robot models

 Embedded Systems & Robotics 
Day 1Microcontroller BASIC & Robotics:
Introduction to Company
Introduction to Robotics
Future scope of Robotics
Video Session
Extra Topics and General Things
3 Hrs
Day 2Introduction to Embedded SystemMicro-Controllers from Different Vendors
Difference Between μC and MU
Introduction to P89V51RD2 8-bit Micro-Controller,
Development Board
Drivers & Software Installation
Different Compilers Information
Serial ISP Programmer (Keil uvision IDE) and Burner Software
3 Hrs
Day 3LED Interfacing with P89V51RD2(Port Programming) – Theory
Practical 1: Glowing LEDs in a pattern of your choice
P89V51RD2 Timer Programming-Theory and practical
P89V51RD2 Serial Programming-Theory and practical
3 Hrs
Day 4LCD Interfacing with P89V51RD2– Theory
Practical 2: Displaying Text on LCD
Practical 3: Scrolling Text on LCD
3 Hrs
Day 5Motor Interfacing with P89V51RD2– Theory
L293D IC & Its Need - Theory
Practical 4: Learning Interfacing of Motor using LEDs & LCD
Practical 5: Controlling Direction of Rotation of a Motor
3 Hrs
Day 6Introduction to ADC – TheoryWorking of IR Sensors – Theory
Digital IR Sensors - Theory
Practical 6: Controlling Motor with Digital IR Sensor.
Analog IR Sensors - Theory
Practical 7: Measuring Distance of object using Analog IR Sensors.
Practical 8: Controlling Motor using Analog IR Sensor.
3 Hrs
Day 7Project 1: Line Follower Robot
Project 2: Wall Follower Robot
Assignment & Revision
3 Hrs
Day 8Keypad Interfacing with P89V51RD2– Theory
Practical 9: ON\OFF LED\Motor using single key
Linear Keypad - Theory
Practical 10: Controlling Motor (ON\OFF, Direction of Rotation) using
Linear Keypad.
Practical 11: Writing text on LCD using Linear Keypad
3 Hrs
Day 9Project 3: Password Controlled Application
Project 4: Keypad Operated Robot
Assignment & Revision
3 Hrs
Day 10Interfacing of Temperature Sensor – Theory*Practical
12: Calibrating Sensor value with Temperature Range
Project 5: Digital Thermometer
Project 6: Temperature Controlled Fan
3 Hrs
Day 11Buzzer interfacing with P89V51RD2– Theory
Practical 13: Generating Beep through Buzzer
Practical 14: Generating Beep in a Pattern
Practical 15: Integrating Buzzer with Keypad
Project 7: High Temperature Alarm
3 Hrs
Day 12Speaker (Monotone) Interfacing & PWM – Theory
Practical 16: Generating different frequencies from Speaker*
Practical 17: Integrating Keypad with Speaker using PWM
Practical 18: Integrating IR Sensor with Speaker
3 Hrs
Day 13Project 8:3 Hrs
Day 14Revision & Problem Solving Session3 Hrs
Day 15Exam – Theory & Practical3 Hrs
Day 16Matrix Keypad Interfacing (Normal\Interrupt driven) –Theory
Project 9: Calculator
3 Hrs
Day 17Working of Relays – Theory
Interfacing Relays with P89V51RD2– Theory
Practical 23: ON\OFF Bulb or Fan (100 W) from
Project 10: Controlling AC Appliances using Keypad
3 Hrs
Day 18Touch Screen Interfacing with P89V51RD2-Theory
Practical 19: Displaying values of Touch Screen points on LCD
Practical 20: Controlling Motors\LEDs using Touch Screen
Project 11: Touch Screen Controlled Robot
3 Hrs
Day 19Working of DTMF – Theory
Mobile Controlled Applications – Theory
Project 12: Mobile Controlled Robot
3 Hrs
Day 20Major Project 1: Mobile Controlled AC Devices(Home Automation)3 Hrs
Day 21RF Module (Wireless Technology) Interfacing
Practical 21: Testing RF Module using LEDs*
3 Hrs
Day 22Major Project 2: Keypad Controlled Wireless Robot3 Hrs
Day 23USART Protocol – Theory
Project 13: PC Controlled Robot
3 Hrs
Day 24Major Project 3: PC Controlled Classroom via RF Module3 Hrs
Day 25Revision & Problem Solving Session3 Hrs
Day 26EXAM – Theory & Practical3 Hrs
Day 27Project Work by Students3 Hrs
Day 28Project Work by Students3 Hrs
Day 29Project Work by Students3 Hrs


We at CITL-tech varsity training institute in Bangalore India offers training on ARM Cortex-M3/M4 software development and it is designed for engineers who are developing software for platforms based on ARM M3 ,ARM 4 processors.
We at CITL-tech varsity training institute in Bangalore India offers training on RTOS on ARM Cortex-M3/M4 and it is designed for engineers who are developing software for platforms based on ARM M3 ,ARM 4 processors.