CITL-Tech varsity placement Division.

The true standing of any training company is to create the job opportunity to all the students and CITL-Tech varsity created its value in industry verticles which has resulted a great demand for its students.we at CITL-Tech varsity have an industry collaboration division with an unmatched track record in helping young engineers find their dream careers..

CITL-Tech varsity have collaborated with many companies across major indian cities. This opens up a world of opportunity for CITL students across various industries which require technology professionals.

Our students have been placed with top companies like Phillips,Intel,ARM,ROBERT BOSCH,KPIT,HCL,WIPRO and list goes on……….

Few lists of companies who recruit from us………….

Sony R&D, Robert Bosch, Wipro, Philips, Continental Automotive, General Motors, Tech Mahindra, Delphi, Huawei Technologies, Siemens, Safran Engineering Services, LG Soft, Cavium Networks, Silicon Image, Teradata R&D, LnT Emsys, Alcatel-Lucent, XilinxEmerson, Sharp Software(SSDI), Moschip Semiconductor, Tata Power – SED, Hella India Automotives, Lear Corp, American Megatrends Inc.Huawei Technologies,ADE etc..

CITL BRIDGES the gap between the IT/Electronic Industry and the resource community.

The HR division was conceived initially to place the manpower trained in-house. In its survey of the Human Resources scenario, found a healthy demand for persons who are not only appropriately qualified but also possess a personality that adapts to the rigorous conditions of the industry.

CITL is geared towards generating business value to companies by providing expertise personnel. It works with a philosophy of sustained and mutual growth, both to individuals and organizations. Our expertise is in training, recruiting and placing professionals in challenging environments.

Today, CITL furnishes service to people from all walks of life, to develop the untapped faculties of their personality to an extent that shall place them at the right job, at the right time and for the right remuneration. CITL's quality manpower resource management system and strategic tie-ups with mojor MNCs, small and medium scale industry has put CITL'smanpower as top priority for the IT sector.

As a corporate you will be staffed with the most trained and committed individuals.

Our activities in this regard would be as highlighted:

  • Conduct preliminary interview to assess a candidate's strong points and shortcomings.
  • Provide with opportunities to develop on his shortcomings and polish his strong points through workshops and seminars on personality development.
  • Provide information on scopes to further his qualification/skills so as to place him better, through seminars and query sessions held by leaders in the related fields.
  • Provide access to any information needed through books and journals from our well-equipped library and the Internet.
  • Provide pre-job training on deficit areas in candidate's existing knowledge in all related technologies in the IT industry, at discounted costs.
  • Aid entrepreneurs in identifying, planning and implementing the business.
  • Career Guidance Executives are available at CITLcentre to help students in terms of providing services like career guidance, career coaching, career counseling, personality development and Resume building.

JOB Fairs.

we organize Career and Job fair from time to that candidate will have various opportunity to participate in more companies so that they will have more choice in getting through the interviews.