Internship Programs at CITL-Tech Varsity Bangalore.

Every year, we offer internship programs and placements to students at all stages of their university education. Interns join our teams in development
As an Intern at CITL, you will work on real projects that have real impact, while also building on key skills for your future studies and employment, thus developing you as an engineer. We believe in developing talent for the future,
We’ll help you put theory in to practice by exposing you to exciting projects that will help develop your employability skills and intellectually challenge you. Our aim is to ensure that many of our interns eventually build successful careers with our partner organizations
CITL-Tech Varsity is a training and development company focusses on embedded software and hardware design solutions on the various domains like industrial automation,control systems,consumer electronics,automotive electronics,mobile application development .
It has many successful products in its credit to name a few GPRS based smart grid automation,location trackers,asset tracking systems,complete home automation solutions.
We offer internships for student community who are pursuing the degree and masters in Electronics,Communication,Computer science,Information science.


Since the company is engaged in various product development across various platforms in embedded systems and firmware development.The candidates need to work on 8 /32 bit controllers with multiple chip makers namely Microchip,Texas,ARM,Renesas etc.
We would like to collaborate with engineering colleges for our research and development work so that we can support the student community of their development and we can create skilled manpower to the industry,hence we are looking for qualified and dynamic candidates for internship across the various segments in our company.CITL-internships provides the candidates to overall development of practical skills and work,culture and style of functioning in industrial environment.we also have internship opportunities in sales and marketing,HR and social media marketing.

  • Internship at CITL-Tech Varsity aims to provide young professionals to gain exposure to challenging work environment during their academics.
  • Duration of the internship:3 to 6 months.


Embedded System Design using Advanced Microcontrollers Intern.

Duties and responsibilities.

  • Candidates should engage themselves in PCB Designing & Fabrication, Designing Schematics & Board layouts, Understanding of architectures of Microcontrollers, software development tools of chip makers,programming skills,developing drivers for different peripherals ,protocol development on embedded hardware platforms
  • Support the project develoment team in design aspects of embedded systems like PCB layout design,porting OS.
  • Developing drivers for various peripherals to interface to sensors,devices.
  • Development of protocols(SPI,GPIO,Ethernet),GUI development.Android/IOS apps.
  • Intership programs at CITL-Tech Varsity will have a great opportunity to develop a valuable hands on work experience,improve the interpersonal skills such as confidence,maturity,decision making and develop marketable skills.

Knowledge and Skills.

We are interested with the candidates who are having good academic grades,passion about our industry,self-motivated,innovative and ready to face design challenges in the current and tomorrow’s digital world.
Flexibility to work full time during the semester or you want to work during your summer vacation, here is a chance to build some valuable industry experience. In addition, there are opportunities to work part-time. Also, we can absorb the suitable candidates for our requirements after the successful completion of Internships.

  • BE/M-tech level student with strong computer skills with knowledge in C/C+
  • Strong exposure on 8/32 bit microcontrollers (ARM, TI, Microchip etc.)
  • Driver development on embedded platforms and familiarity with embedded OS(Free RTOS,Linux)
  • Background in computer networks with good understanding of TCP/IP protocols
  • Familiarity with IEEE802.11 PHY/MAC layer

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